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2/4-L, Okara, Pakistan


Android + iOS​
Mobile Development


An Android and iOS app (with mobile compatible option) that essentially monitors distance, time and areas covered by app users (drivers) traveling with installed devices (GPS monitored and enabled) and determines the amount earned based on the distance covered by the drivers/app user. 

Project Requirements/specification 

This app is for Drivers that are using their cars for taxis (like uber or lyft). It has a device installed on the car and the tracking is just to account for the distance and time covered while actively driving with the device ON. The app is for monitoring distance covered to determine the earning from installed device on the car. The more you drive the car, the more you earn. There will be logging in place that determines distance covered in miles/km, time taken to cover the distance and the area covered. The app will calculate the payout for drivers based on distance covered and time spent while driving around town. There would be a minimum distance needed to be covered to earn a certain amount. 


The app will be connected to a device that is on the car – by 3G/4G SIM or GPS/Wi-Fi…. Anyone that has the device will be the only ones that are allowed to register on the app (by using a device ID, unique registration code etc). When the user moves without the device, the device will not read and app will not register any distance covered. The app only reads when the device is powered ON and in motion. The app will have heat-map (or something similar) that shows areas and distance covered by the drivers. This will be the basis for calculating the earned revenue. If the device is not present/or not turned ON or not in motion, nothing happens. The idea is the more distance and area the device covers the more revenue made.