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Practice Centric Organization

Fantech is an unusual player in the contemporary IT services industry. Instead of working on high-volume “software factories” models, we focus on emerging, specialized solution domains (our practices) that operate across the intersection of technology and business.

By creating a set of practices, we are able to foster some key values in the organization:  

  • Consulting culture: a focus on understanding the business objectives that drive the need for technology solutions  
  • High level of intellectual curiosity, customer awareness and  communications skill  
  • Knowledge of how to work collaboratively as well as hierarchically  
  • Experience with leading-edge shortlifecycle enterprise solution domains and iterative, agile requirements-gathering and software development processes as well as traditional software development methodologies  
  • Focus on “the intangibles”: on creativity and design excellence in creating business and engineering processes, software architectures, and visual materials.

Key Differentitors

Our competitive advantage lies in four areas:

Organizational Structure




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Methodology and Continuous Improvement

Fantech follows agile methodology, with dedicated teams focusing their efforts on the task at hand, to ensure speedy delivery and client satisfaction. We follow a step by step reporting and monitoring system to make the client aware of the progress of assigned tasks.

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