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Mobile Development

Usually, we’re talking about App development for mobile devices which are smartphones, phablets, and tablets. But there’re also apps for wearable devices i.e. smartwatches.

What are Native Apps?

A native application is a software app that is built in a specific language, and for the specific device, either Android or iOS. The Native Android apps are written in JAVA and the Native iOS apps are written in Objective-C or Swift. Moreover, the Native apps are written in the languages which are being built for accepts. Such as Java is used for native Android apps, C# is for the Windows mobile apps and Objective-C is for native iOS apps.

The development tools of Apple and Google, like interface elements and standardized SDK including Xcode and Android Studio, are offered to app developers to develop a native mobile app using these tools.

Advantages of Native Apps:

The native apps have several significant benefits over that’s why most apps are native.

  • For user experience, Native apps are the fastest, most reliable, and most responsive apps.
  • Native apps are very easy to tap into vast device functionality
  • We are probably to please our users because of the way where we can match each UI or UX of apps to the platform conventions.

Disadvantages of Native Apps:

  • Developers have to work with a variety of codebases for the Android and iOS platforms because iOS will not run on Android and vice versa.
  • Native Apps are more costly than hybrid apps and take a more  time to build.

What are Hybrid Apps?

We can install a Hybrid app the same way as a native app but from the inside, it is a web app. These apps are built-in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and these are run in Webview which is a simplified browser.

Why we use the Hybrid app?

There is a complicated debate of Hybrid vs Native app, and both have their own benefits. Here are some benefits of going Hybrid.

  • Instead of creating two apps, we’re building one app and simply adjusting it a little bit that’s why it works on both platforms.
  • If we only manage one codebase, we’ll likely require half the number of developers two native apps would have required. But the Hybrid app could be done with the same number of developers.
  • These apps are easier to scale from one platform to another.
  • Hybrid apps give the ability as with native apps to access device features.

What are Web Apps?

An application that is accessed through a web browser over a network like the Internet is also known as a web app. What is the difference between a web app and a website? The answer is subjective but most of the experts agree that a website will just giving information and a web app gives the extra functionality and interactivity.

Wikipedia is a website and Facebook is a web app because Wikipedia provides information but Facebook provides more interaction. This is a simple example of understanding this concept.


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