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2020 Achievements

2020 Year Achievements

With all its difficulties, 2020 has been an extremely wonderful learning experience for us. After 20 mobile and web applications completed and running, ranging from healthcare, fitness, online bookings, dating and business solutions we have become apt and astute in the field. Our recent development and success in the field of digital marketing deserve a mention as well. 2020 was a great year for us because we earned success and built the trust of our customers both new and returning. We work side by side with our customers to solve the challenges in ways that decrease business risk and increase opportunity.
Starting with a team of 3 people in 2019, we have grown into a family of 30+ developers, graphic designers, and marketers at the end of 2020.
As of now we stand a year wiser, a year experienced, and a year happier to be able to share our journey with some wonderful clients.

We’ve compiled a list of projects that we have worked on this year 2020.


We worked in 15+ Countries Worldwide & counting